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James May of Top Gear Builds Lego House

Posted in Architecture, External by Chris on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

James Mays Lego House

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James May of Britain’s show Top Gear is set to move into a house made of Lego soon. Apparently, the idea came up over a beer. I would have loved this as a little kid, and I definitely enjoy it now. It seems to be a normal wooden framed house with Lego wrapped around the structural members. It should be interesting to see some interior shots if they ever come out – I really want to see how that Lego toilet would work. Maybe from this Legos will inspire a new generation of prefabricated building materials.

A side note: There are holes in the facade – maybe Ronchamp inspired?



Posted in Adventures, Blog Posts by Chris on Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Notre Dame Rose Window

Right now, I’m in Paris, where I’ll be living for another 9 months or so. I am doing a study abroad program through Georgia Tech’s Architecture program. I’ll be studying at ENSAPLV in the northeastern part of the city near Parc de La Villette . My apartment in Montmartre is looking great – we moved in just over a week ago. I will have a studio headed by Gernot Riether that will be starting in a week. He didn’t give us too much information about what the project would be, but he did say it would be a larger scale project situated near Parc de La Villette.

I look forward to posting a bunch of new things soon!